Is A Career In Real Estate Right For You?

You’re sitting in your car headed to work and a shiny black luxury car pulls up next to you. As you idly watch it drive away you see the license plate frame say “Homes by “Blank.” That person is a real estate agent. It might seem like they are just lucky…..making money for unlocking a door. Of course you know there’s more to it than that, but you don’t know what that is. Maybe you would be great in real estate also….but how do you know?

There are many attractive reasons to becoming a real estate agent. First and foremost is that you will be your own boss. You decide which clients to work with and when you work so you work with people you enjoy. Your schedule is your own, so even though you will be manning some open houses on weekend, you can also take off for a few weeks for that impromptu road trip.

Real estate agents make good money. Your income will be directly related to how hard you work. There is no mystery to making a living in real estate. Even the agent you passed in the luxury sedan had to start somewhere. Most agents start by being licensed agents in a branded brokerage. All the big name brokerages have new agent programs to get you started. These plans vary from mentoring by successful agents to an in depth classroom situation which helps you manage the sales from prospecting to paperwork and the close.

Real estate is also very rewarding! Think about the satisfaction of helping your clients with possibly the largest financial transaction of their lives. They rely on you to help them negotiate price and terms and manage the transaction correctly. Real estate is so much more than opening the front door and writing an offer. Each transaction presents its own unique challenges which you will learn to navigate successfully.

“So sign me up!!”

Hold on! You need information. Don’t expect that you will simply be able to wing the license test and then start making money. Real estate is hard work. For one thing, there is no salary; you are 100% commission from day one. You are also required to get your own leads and clients. You need to plan for a startup period without income. You need to also learn as much as you can before you make the jump so that you position yourself in the best position to be successful.


This is what you will learn in your training. It starts by using a top real estate training school and courses. You will be ahead of the pack if you start with the best education. Then once you have your license, interview several local brokerages. Some offer rental prospects, open house opportunities, telephone desk leads and other lead generating opportunities. You might also find a team to join serving as a junior agent or buyer’s agent while you learn more about your new career.

Anyone can be successful in real estate. It’s an exciting career that can offer you unlimited income and freedom. As with any profession, education is the first step and will your foundation. You will build experience from there and build your new business.