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Our textbooks are written with the student in mind with clear, concise content that brings even the most difficult concepts to life. All books are clearly written with thorough treatments of the core real estate subjects: principals, finance, appraisal, and law. These leading-edge books are perfect for the classroom and make excellent reference materials for the real estate professional.

Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices and Law, 40th

Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law sets the standard for real estate education in Florida. Written and researched by Linda Crawford, a resident of Florida who regulary attends Florida’s Real Estate Commission meetings, this exciting new edition (updated each year), provides students with the latest developments in Florida real estate law and practices.


Florida Real Estate Broker's Guide, 5E

Approved by the State of Florida, this text is essential for all broker students. The guide includes all necessary topics for the broker exam, complete with end–of–chapter questions and a practice final exam. Updated to reflect changes to Chapter 475 F.S., this guide includes practice questions to prepare students for the new proficiency state exam requirements.


Post Licensing Education for Florida Real Estate Sales Associates, 9E

Written by an industry expert, this title is completely updated to meet changing market needs, as well as changes in Florida law, this edition offers expanded discussion on financing, fair housing laws, and social media. It provides a step-by-step guide to conducting business in the real estate industry for new Florida licensees. Special learning features include action lists, useful online resources, case studies, a comprehensive appendix of useful forms, and tips for prospecting all the way through conducting a closing.


Florida Real Estate Exam Manual for Sales Associates and Brokers,

Updated annually to reflect the latest developments in Florida real estate laws and practice, this exam manual is the most comprehensive study tool available for both sales associate students and broker exam candidates. A variety of study aids, including more than 600 practice questions and two 100-question sample exams, are used to enhance the concepts learned in the main text and prepare students for the licensing exam. Because broker candidates are also tested on sales associate material, both sales associates and broker candidates can benefit from this text.